How create new server-site on Amazon hosting?

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, Kiyv
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install LNMP or use existing on amazon hosting (or create many instanse for DB, NGINX …) 2.1 create/(or use existing) instans Ubunutu(for example) + private key and choose group privilegies with 80, 22, 21, 443 open ports) 2.2 connect into terminal 2.3 install php7.0, mysql, nginx, proftpd, postfix (+ install mysqli, mbstring, crypt, curl… libs for php7.0) 2.4 correct nginx setting for you domain (public path + bind nginx with php socket (uncomment config)), check php on site (create php file with phpinfo) 2.5 add user(and passw) for ftp in ubunutu and proftpd config (add home path -/var/www , enable run sh) 2.6 upload you project via ftp(add host, login, passw via ftp client) 2.7 create user and db for mysql (in mysql console) and upload db (via mysql client)
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